Our dispensary is curated with Value in mind.  Only very good products at reasonable prices are chosen. Simcoe Optometric Clinic takes the time to ensure that the most appropriate frames, lenses and sunglasses are personally selected for your needs. We have over 1000 frames in our dispensary, and new products and styles are released throughout the year.

We offer many designer brands as well as frames that are made in Europe. Quality products are comfortable, stylish and represent excellent value.

All of our frames carry a minimum 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defect, and our children’s frames and lenses offer a “no fault” one time replacement warranty in the first year. (see office in person for details)

When you purchase multiple pairs of prescription glasses within a 12-month period, a loyalty savings applies.  So you don’t have to worry about updating your regular, dress, sun and computer styles.

Value packages starting from just $165 and multiple pair single vision packages are just $99 – Please enquire in office  about our value packages.

We offer a lifetime replacement warrenty on standard nosepads and lifetime adjustments for glasses that you have purchased from us.

Please feel free to call and arrange time to discuss your eyewear needs with a certified Optometric Assistant. Booking time ensures personallized service as well as physical distancing.

Some of our brands







We carry many options for both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. Year-round UV protection is important in the prevention of eye diseases such as cataract and macular degeneration. We offer many designer sunglass styles, and with our on-site lab, we can custom-tint the lenses to your needs.

Click here to see some of the extensive selection of brands that we carry.











Contact Lenses

Simcoe contact lenses

Our doctors can fit a wide range of prescriptions with the ideal contact lens to suit your needs.  This includes:

  • Daily disposable, monthly disposable, or conventional lenses
  • High prescriptions and astigmatism
  • Presbyopia, or reading prescriptions – bifocal contact lenses
  • Specialty lenses such as post-corneal graft or keratoconus

Contact our office to book a contact lens fitting, or to discuss contact lens options with your optometrist.

We offer competitive prices on all of our contact lens products. See our most popular contact lens brands, prices, and offers HERE, or  click here to re- order your contact lenses

 Dry Eye Management

We carry many industry-leading dry eye treatments, all available for purchase at our office! Your optometrist will recommend the products that will be most effective for you, and visit us any time to repurchase! You can also email us HERE to order!


Bruder Mask

Our Price:  Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress $36.95

email us HERE to order!

Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress

PRN Neutraceuticals Re-Esterified Omega 3 Supplement;  capsules and liquid

Our Price: 120 softgels (30 day supply) or 200mL liquid (40 day supply) $59.00

email us HERE to order!


Omega 3


I-DROP® viscoadaptive artificial tears

Our Price: I-DROP PUR $18.50     I-DROP PUR GEL $21.50

email us HERE to order!

Viscoadaptive artificial tears



Thealoz Duo  – Europe’s #1 treatment for dry eye disease

Our Price: $29.50

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Thealoz Duoimage of a box of Thealoz Duo Gel eye drops, the blister pack inside and two unit doses


Blephagel Lid Hygiene

Our Price:  $18.99

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Our Price:  I-LID’N LASH $23.50  I-LID’N LASH PLUS $29.90

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Specialty Products

Our clinic offers many specialty eyewear products for your individual needs. We carry

  • Prescription sports eyewear for soccer, racquetball, baseball, etc.
  • Prescription swim goggles
  • CSA approved safety glasses
  • Custom-made and pre- made sunglass clips
  • Low-vision aids