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Simcoe Optometric Clinic proudly stocks an incredible array of ZEISS lenses, coatings, and treatments. ZEISS has reached over 200 million people around the world with their premium optics, and we support their vision and want you to reap the benefits. 

At our on-site lab, we can customize your fashionable frames with precision technology from ZEISS. Visit us to discover how ZEISS products can enhance your vision and match your lifestyle.

Featured Lenses

ZEISS has developed a collection of precision lenses to assist with common ocular issues and suit several lifestyles. Learn about your vision habits with ZEISS’s online vision profile assessment, or speak with our team to uncover your perfect lens solution.

SmartLife Lenses 

Our world these days involves heavy usage of digital screens for work, access to information, entertainment, and connecting with family and friends from afar. Your eyeglasses should work for you, no matter how much strain the digital world demands of your eyes.

ZEISS’s SmartLife lenses suit anyone who craves eye comfort while staying plugged in, day and night. WIth SmartLife lenses, you’ll notice:

  • More eye comfort while using digital devices
  • Natural and clear vision, day and night
  • Wider field of vision across all distances and directions

DriveSafe Lenses

How do you feel when driving in poor conditions? A little stressed? That’s normal. Over two-thirds of adult drivers find it challenging to drive in unfavourable conditions, including low-light, oncoming headlights, and bad weather. 

ZEISS noticed this pain point and created a solution: DriveSafe lenses. With innovative technology, they manufactured a lens that reduces glare, enables improved vision in low-light, and provides accurate vision of your mirrors in all directions.


Working on a computer demands a lot from our eyes with almost constant up close visual tasks for 8 hours. It’s no shock that eye strain sets in at the end of the day, and this can worsen if the lenses you’re wearing don’t suit this demand.

The Officelens selection offers a solution to digital eye strain and provides clear and relaxed vision all day. Some benefits include:

  • Better spatial perception and contrast vision
  • Thin and lightweight lenses 
  • High visual performance

ClearView lenses

ZEISS ClearView lenses are made using a sophisticated freeform optical design and ZEISS’ modern ClearForm technology. ClearView lenses are designed to provide clear vision from the centre of the lens to the periphery while being much thinner and flatter—with zones of excellent vision clarity created to be an average of 3 times larger than standard single vision lenses!

Even with a high prescription, you don’t have to deal with heavy glasses or a funny fisheye effect. ZEISS ClearView lenses are designed to be very thin and flat. With thinner, flatter lenses, you can enjoy improved vision, lighter glasses, and better aesthetics.

ClearView lenses can also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and blue light with integrated UV protection and optional blue light protection.

With our in-house optical lab, these lenses can often be crafted for your glasses on the same day that you choose new frames or the day right after.

Coatings & Treatments

ZEISS’s protective coatings and lens treatments ensure lasting durability for your eyewear. Whether you need reduced glare, blue-light prevention, or UV protection, ZEISS has the solution.

DuraVision Platinum

Say hello to the super robust premium coating from ZEISS. DuraVision Platinum exceeds the normal scope of lens coatings. The result of 9 ultra-thin layers equates to a durable lens coating that resists dirt and comes with advanced anti-reflective (AR) properties.

DuraVision Platinum can challenge everyday wear and tear while providing long-lasting performance matched to your prescription. Other benefits include:

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Anti-static barrier that reduces need for cleaning
  • 3 times stronger than previous generation of AR coating
ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses

ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses

Our lives are becoming more and more digital. We work, play, learn, and shop online, wherever we are. This means that besides the potentially harmful blue light exposure from the sun, we’re also more vulnerable to artificial blue light.

Rather than blue light blocking being achieved through a coating on the surface of the lens, ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses incorporate blue light blocking properties into the lens material itself.

More protection:

ZEISS BlueGuard lens material provides full UV Protection and blocks up to 40 % of potentially harmful blue light wavelengths. ZEISS BlueGuard is designed to address digital eye strain in an increasingly digital world.

Less reflection:

ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses have up to 50% less reflection off the surface of the lens compared to blue light blocking coatings. This makes for an improved appearance of your lenses both online (in videos and meetings) and offline.

ZEISS BlueGuard lenses come standard with DuraVision Platinum Coating for excellent clarity, easy cleanability and superior hardness.

DuraVision Drivesafe

ZEISS offers a DriveSafe coating to enhance your lenses and give you more protection while behind the wheel. These work well for those who have trouble in low-light conditions or feel a bit stressed when driving in poor weather. Reduce glare, get accurate vision in all directions, and feel more confident while you’re on the road.

PhotoFusion & Polarized

There’s a common issue for eyeglass wearers when they step outside, and the sun shines in their eyes. Do you carry a set of prescription sunglasses? Do you have clip-on shades? Or do you struggle through the outdoors with sunglasses that don’t correct your vision? 

Well, with PhotoFusion, you can have it all with one pair of glasses. These lenses quickly adapt to changing light to keep your eyes protected no matter where you are. You’ll get superior UV protection as the photo-active molecules react to changing light, and when you head back inside, they’ll be as clear as ever.

ZEISS also offers Polarized coatings for reliable UV protection and glare reduction.

Shop Lenses for Your Lifestyle

Visit us in-store, where our optical staff can guide you through your options and find the best lenses and coating for your needs. Did we mention we can tailor your favourite frames in our on-site lab?

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