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Why Myopia Management Matters

Myopia is an eye condition affecting over 30% of Canadians today. Also known as nearsightedness, this refractive error prevents people from seeing distant objects clearly. It exists when the eye changes shape, becoming longer than normal and altering the curvature of the cornea.

Myopia often occurs naturally and slowly, so identifying the condition early is the first line of defense.

The most obvious sign of nearsightedness is poor long-range vision. Problems seeing things at a distance are often linked to myopia. Nearsightedness can make watching TV or seeing the whiteboard at school a difficult task. If this is a problem for you or your child, it’s best to see one of our optometrists.

Myopia can be influenced by family history, as it does have hereditary tendencies. A heavy dose of near work (like staring at a computer) is widely considered to affect myopia. Understanding the length of the eye is a primary tool for assessing myopia. Regular eye exams are the best way to monitor your cornea and refractive abnormalities.

Controlling Your Child’s Myopia

Progressive cases of myopia most often occur before the age of 20. Addressing myopia in childhood is the best way to slow down its progression and preserve vision. Minor nearsightedness will typically cause eye strain, which may lead to more severe lengthening of the eye. This is classified as “high myopia,” which has more significant eye disease implications. Our mission at Simcoe Optometric is to control myopia as early as possible.

Reshaping Your Child’s Vision

While we don’t yet have a cure for myopia, some tools help control the condition. Our goal here is to limit myopia progression while correcting refractive errors. Our optometrists do everything they can to halt the progress of myopia.

These single vision lenses are specifically designed for children. They account for your child’s growth and are built to fit the anatomy of someone 6-12 years old. These lenses are compatible with most designer frames.

These are daily-wear contact lenses slow the progression of myopia. Originally developed for 8-12-year-olds, MiSightⓇ corrects your child’s distance vision while signalling to their eyes that it’s time to stop growing.

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