Dry EyesDry eye is a problem that arises from inadequate quantity or poor lubrication quality of the moisture in one or both eyes. Unable to produce enough tears or poor quality, unstable tears, afflicted eyes suffer irritation, burning and general discomfort. It is not unusual to have eyes that water, especially when out in the sun or wind or when reading or watching TV. The watering is a result of the tear film being unstable and essentially dripping off the surface of the eye.

Dry eyes may be exacerbated by a number of factors: the natural effects of aging, side effects from medication, or significant time spent in front of a computer or reading or in a dry or windy climate. Medical conditions such as thyroid disorders or Rosacea or hormonal problems can make treating dry eye/Meibomian Gland Dysfunction/Ocular Surface Disorder much more difficult. Although there is no cure as such, your Optometrist is able to offer effective treatment to manage dry eyes. Artificial lubricating eye drops supplement your own tear production, and moist compresses as well as lid massages can help maximize your body’s ability to produce more/ better quality tears.

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